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Top Up Tents

Extraordinary Marquees


Top Up Tents provide traditional marquees with bold and distinctive colours! Our unique marquees and centerpiece tents create the ‘WOW’ factor, lacking at so many ordinary events! We have wonderful marquees in all shapes and sizes to cater for every occasion!

Top Up Tents mark a move away from the ordinary marquee company. We offer classic, traditional marquees that large contractors have forgotten. The stripes and styles of our marquees stand out from the plain white, frame-tent crowd. The beauty of our tents make frilly interior linings unnecessary.

Our range of eight marquees are made in heavy, plain-woven canvas, half of which are pvc coated. They have traditional guy ropes and stakes, and wooden poles with decorative hand-turned wooden dollies atop. All are unique and made at home in Britain.

Top Up Tents provide a passionate service, working to your requirements. We offer personal attention and friendly advice! We are a small business, but take pride in catering for all events from small private parties, to larger corporate clients including the BBC, City Councils ranging from Barking and Bristol to Manchester, and Channel 4’s River Cottage!

We have been hiring distinctive and unique marquees for seven years, gaining expertise and experience to cater for any number of different requirements. Our range of bold marquees have a place at every occasion. Please give us a call about absolutely anything, be it a chat about how our marquees are made or possibly even a booking!