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Large Jousting Tent

Our large 18ft medieval Jousting Tent would look at home outside Windsor Castle, but just as equally outside any home for a variety of events! Our Jousting Tent is ideal for dinner parties, bars and ‘chill out’ rooms for larger parties. Without walls the Jousting Tent a provides quintessential Summer venue! The bold red and white canvas and porch create a jolly atmosphere in a formal setting.

The 18ft Jousting Tent uses a traditional 100% cotton plain-woven canvas which is water and flame resistant to British standards, wooden poles, and is finished to Top Up Tents high standards with hand-carved wooden dollies and a decorative flag!

It can also be offered as the Pimms Tent.

  • Size: 18' Diameter
  • Sitting/Standing: 18/24
  • Price: From £325